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Divining is the exhuming of information and bringing it to the surface for discovery. When a specific pattern or combination falls for the diviner he/she is able to forecast or on the contrary able to gain insight of root causes by revisiting the past; one foot in spirit and the other in the physical world. In traditional initiatic societies we recognize the necessity for both forces in nature in ways that Western traditions may not. We recognize the abstract and unseen-the idea, but also the manifestation of the idea. We recognize the dependence of forces upon each other in the Sun and the moon, the ebbs and flow of the ocean in a macrocosmic way; the in and out of our heartbeat in the microcosmic sense. The necessity even for death in order for growth to occur, the destruction so that we can rebuild, the necessity for delivering of justice, and the understanding that even too much light can burn. When using a consecrated physical object we can connect to the nonphysical since there is no longer a separation. We too are an immortal spirit clothed in the mortal machine that empowers us to grow ourselves while we are here. It is simply a vehicle for spirit.

I grew up in a Byzantine Catholic community as the kin of a Rusyn (not Russian) family. A culture who belonged to no country. My father’s Rusyn side is from Eastern Slovakia positioned in the Carpathian foothills and my mother’s side from Puerto Rico and Hungary. Later I entered into a Masonic lodge where I begin my studies into the Greater Mysteries and eventually entered in to another important undertaking in Palo Kongo- an African derived Cuban conglomerate with elements of Taino spiritual practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), West African Lucumi, and Yombe spiritual technologies. Divining is ingrained in the culture of Africa. It’s also peppered into fringe spiritual practices and other cults of antiquity. Before any of this, my story starts at the end of my teens where I picked up an interest for Cartomancy. Tarot was never attractive and when I spent some time living alone in a house that was in our family for almost a century, an inspiration stewed during that period. During their timeline on this Earth there were family members from that home who dealt cards in Las Vegas, frequented local casinos, owned a bar where they would host card games. Even now my brother has a tattoo of an Ace up his sleeve and we spent a lot of time at the table growing up.

As I grew, my interest bloomed and I loved the amount of information that was packed into 52 cards. 4 suits- 4 seasons of the year, 52 cards and 52 weeks in the year, 4 suits- 4 elements, the 4 humors expressing hot and cold, dry and moist, 4 weeks in a month, 13 cards and 13 lunar cycles, 4 cardinal directions, 4 quarters of the year. The classic bi-color bicycle decks expressing Red and Black, hot and cold energies, fast and slow, outward and inward, talkative and quiet. Even and odd, action and non-action. These are the most basic correspondences and the cards really talk. They hold layers of information like an Onion or a Matryoshka doll. These were the first tools I used in reading.

Divining is similar to what a data analyst would do who examines datasets in a ‘professional arena’, no different than someone who looks to understand the story in the numbers. In every society there were and are different tools used as signpost for the diviner and as mouthpieces for spirit. Out of 52 cards there are 2,652 possibilities for a pair to occur for example. For every 52 cards there is 51 potential matches in a playing card deck. In other words there are 2,652 (52x51) possible ways to draw 2 cards out of the deck, so the probability of dropping a randomly drawn pair of cards is .0294 or 2.94%. This is the likelihood we have as mediums when we ask a question about a specific matter and 2–3x in a row we see the same combinations/patterns fall to confirm an inner story. The cards may indicate 70% of information and it is the mediums job to fill in the specifics communicated by spirit.

In the tradition I was initiated into we learn by experience, not by being told or by a book. Knowledge matures into wisdom from experiences. We KNOW by doing. I don’t know myself to be naive and the group I grew up around will tell you the same. It’s healthy to have skepticism and in the beginning there is the learning of whichever system we pull from, there are many, but we learn because we study patterns over time that confirm our inner set of symbols until it anchors as a belief. I part here with saying it is in dramatic times when life happened, when mom and dad lost their jobs, when a friend was stabbed, when I left one workplace for another, when the money came, when we found out the gender of our children, when the car was struck, that I went back and studied dreams or looked at the cards from that day or week, and there it was.. always. I begin to understand that any confusion early on was not from fault of the tools or a spread, but from the competency as a reader and I refined that. The truth is always available to us for excavation.



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